Tobo Track

Invented by Vancouver designer, Tomas Nielsen. Tobo Track is an exciting new way to build roads and tracks for toy cars and trains. 12 identical pieces are included with each set, and can be joined together in hundreds of ways to create a track that goes anywhere you want it to. Every hexagonal piece has a straight section, a curved section and an intersection – and can be connected to any edge of any other piece. Its a fun way to use creativity while playing with toy cars and trains. 

The material that Tobo Track is made of comes from scrap wood from another manufacturing process. That means that no trees were cut down in order to produce the Tobo Track. In fact, the material would just have been thrown away if it weren’t transformed into this wonderful toy. 

The track material is biodegradable, non-toxic, and contains no plastic or resin. Just 100% real wood. So if it ever enters the waste stream, it won’t be adding pollutants to our environment 

Made in Tennessee, USA. 

Includes 12 track pieces, 1 wooden toy car, 1 mesh storage bag and optional stickers.