Rocking Alligator


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Your wild child will love his/her wild new ride. Rocking Alligator features include a stable rocker base, a roving eye, footrests and handlebars. 
Rocking Alligator is made of PlanWood, with some solid wood and plywood elements. PlanWood is a high density fiber composite wood made from reclaimed rubber wood particles left over from the manufacturing process of toys in the factory. The surplus sawdust and wood chips are mixed with some organic pigments for color, less than 1% of Plan's formaldehyde-free glue, and then pressure molded. PlanWood is strong, durable, and stain-, water- and fungus-resistant.

Adult assembly is required. Rocking Alligator is made in Thailand. 

Age: 2 years +
33.0 x 62.8 x 44.7 cm (12.9 x 24.7 x 17.6 in.)