Octopus 3D Wooden Puzzle


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  • The octopus wooden puzzle comes with a unique design that you will love. Be proud to present your assembled octopus model and share the love for sea creatures with your loved ones. Ideal for children and adults with a passion for biology and a love for oceanic species. This 3D wooden octopus educational puzzle is part of our Ocean Life collection. It has realistic and intricate details that will definitely help kids and teens learn more about these fantastic and interesting creatures in a fun and fun way.
  • The Octopus DIY 3D puzzle is for everyone who likes puzzles - The Octopus 3-dimensional DIY kit is a model to build for adults and children who like to use their brain and create something with their hands. Lovers of puzzles of all ages and genders will love building this superb 32-piece wooden kit and painting the 3D wooden puzzle to do it yourself. It is an excellent father and son 3D puzzle for a school project and a puzzle for girls and friends and family.
  • Included with the purchase of 3D octopus wooden puzzle - Includes 1 wooden 3D puzzle with 32 interlocking puzzle pieces, an instruction manual (French not guaranteed) and 1 paper to sand the edges. 3D puzzles have never looked so good, and raw natural wood can be easily painted or stained for a more personalized look. In most pieces, no glue is needed and the pieces fit together. Dimensions of the wooden puzzle: 27.9 x 27.9 x 16.5 cm. The paint kit and glue are not included.
  • High quality 3D octopus wood puzzle kit - This octopus puzzle is made of high quality 3 mm natural wood. All puzzle pieces are laser cut and sanded carefully to ensure the edges are smooth. Adorned with realistic details like its characteristic long tentacles, this octopus puzzle gives an authentic look and feel. Raw natural wood makes it easy and fun to paint and personalize. Once assembled, the Octopus 3D puzzle will hold a natural and exciting pose on its own, ready to be presented.
  • Ideal use for the 3D octopus wooden puzzle kit - Challenge yourself and your loved ones to build this beautiful cut 3D puzzle. Display your achievements as illustrations or play with your new toy model. 3D puzzle building kits help children develop skills such as eye coordination, problem solving and pattern recognition, while encouraging creativity. Personalize your toy kits and paint them for school projects. Make it a game for your friends and family by spending time together.
  • Diamentions: 10.9"L x 10.9"W x 6.5"H Assembled
  • Age : 8+years