HAPE Rainbow Pan Flute


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Whisk children away on a rainbow of music with this beautiful, solid wood Bird Pan Flute. Fun and easy-to-use, the flute features a delightful bird design that will inspire kids to mimic birdsong or create their own sound by blowing on any of the four colorful tubes. A great way to help kids explore their musical talents, learn breathing techniques for wind instruments, and enjoy hours of musical entertainment and fun! 

Rainbow Pan Flute Create your own sweet song with this easy-to-play 4-tube pan flute. Identify other wind instruments and listen to the sounds they make.

Materials  Wood, Water based paint, ABSProduct

size  L: 8.67, W: 4.73, H: 5.71 inch

Package size  L: 3.94, W: 0.99, H: 3.94 inch

Age: 3+ Years