Cottontail Cottage


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Delightful countryside cottage with a natural wood roof, shutters, cut out windows and space in the attic to make a bedroom. Includes a retro style set of furniture.

DELIGHTFUL COUNTRYSIDE COTTAGE - Imagine a day living in a cottage house. This beautiful doll house is great for kids to play along with learning new vocabularies and inspiring their creatives. It also promotes early age children to learn and identify the different types of furniture and structure of the cottontail cottage.
DEVELOP IMAGINATION - The doll house helps children to develop their own cottage stories. It nurtures creativity and imagination for early children development. Imagination fosters cognitive and social development. It makes them wonder about this world. A bedtime story is the best aided with colorful doll house toys.

COTTONTAIL COTTAGE SET - The 17” x 13” doll house includes natural woof roof, shutters, cute out windows, and space in the attic to make a bedroom. Includes a retro style set of furniture. Adult-assembly is required. Dolls sold separately.
MADE FROM A RENEWABLE RESOURCE - You want the very best for your child and this toy delivers. Made from the highly renewable rubber tree wood, this is an eco-friendly and safe toy that is chemical free, and for every tree that becomes a beautiful toy, another is replanted. Adorned with Non-Toxic Water Based Paint to keep your young one safe.
MEETS ALL EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN SAFETY STANDARDS WITH FOCUS ON CRAFTSMANSHIP AND QUALITY - Quality and safety is the most important part of our designs at Tender Leaf Toy. Each Toy is made with concern for your child's well-being and education. Designed by our UK Product team to meet all European standards and manufactured in our Indonesian factory.

Self-assembly required. Dolls sold separately.

Age range: 3 Years And Older
Product size: 44.00 x 33.20 x 47.50 cm
Weight: 4.79 kg