Name Puzzles

Made in Alberta, Canada, Name Puzzles are hand crafted from Baltic birch plywood. Each brightly coloured letter is a puzzle piece cut from Baltic birch stock with a scroll saw, then painted in bright primary colours. The Baltic birch stock is varnished, and with backing attached, becomes a tray into which the letters are returned. All finishes used are non-toxic. Size range is approximately 7" x 4.5" to 14.5" x 4.5" depending on the number and size of letters in the name. 

5 letters and under: $18.95
6-8 letters: $19.95
9-11 letters: $20.95

Please phone the store with your order and payment information. Special orders can be picked up at the store at no additional charge or you can have it shipped.

Shipping Cost
Canada: $4.50 for 1 puzzle, $6.00 for 2, $7.50 for 3, $9.00 for 4
USA: $9 for 1 puzzle, $12 for 2. Add $2 for each additional puzzle.