Merle Velvet cat - Handmade in CANADA

Wild Design

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Handmade in CANADA

Merle is a silky fabric stuffed cat with glorious streaks of intense colour on her coat. Each cat is slightly different.
Odd coloured eyes (acrylic attached with safety washers) and a bright blue velvet tail and whiskers complete her stunning colour.
Filling is soft polyestre fibrefill, with some stuffing pellets added for weight and posing.

Merle patterning is a recessive gene in cats, seldom seen and very prized ! Great gift for a cat lover.
Merle just had a Kitten (last pic) which is listed under Items: Kittens. Kitten is not included, you need to add it to your order.

Size 8" long ( 20cm) plus tail
Weight 12 ounces ( 350g)