Kubkid 32 Blocks-Alphabet Floor Puzzles


정가 $39.99

  • Learning the alphabet just became even more fun with Janod's Alphabet blocks. This amazing set also doubles as a puzzle and is a great learning tool. Each side of the block has something different, including an uppercase letter, lowercase cursive letter, animal, pattern, a question mark and the Janod logo. You'll never want to leave home without this set, especially with its great magnetic box that makes storage a breeze and the heavy duty handle lets you create pictures, puzzles or the alphabet everywhere and anywhere.
  • 32 blocks (dim 2-Inch x 2-Inch ) included the 26 alphabet letters in capital letters, in lowercases letter and in cursive letters (attached letters)
  • 32 blocks puzzle to do
  • Sold in a suitcase easy to carry thanks to its fabrics handle
  • Janod's Alphabet Blocks arrive in a great magnetic box for easy storage
  • Blocks can also be used as a puzzle
  • Each side of each block is printed with something different letters, pictures, textures etc
  • Perfect for ages 2 years and older
  • Designed in France by Janod