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The playground set is composed of three units with four different functions.
There are 2 function-swing and slider in one unit, a seesaw, a sandbox, and a bucket.
Children will enjoy reconstructing and creating their own imaginary playground.
Sized perfectly for a doll house girl, boy, or baby!
Attention to detail makes this a fun set for children: teeter totter that moves, swing on the jungle gym set are just two examples of the detailed craftsmanship in this set. Dollhouse pretend play fires the imagination and helps develop fine and gross motor skills too. This set complements PlanToys dollhouses, families, and furniture sets. Children will enjoy reconstructing and creating their own imaginary playground. 
  • PlanToys Is The First Company To Manufacture Toys Using Wood From Rubber Trees
  • PlanToys Practices The Three RS Of Green Living: Reduce Reuse And Recycle Our Manufacturing Processes Are Designed To Reduce Waste And Save Energy
  • PlanToys Creates Innovative Educational Toys For Every Developmental Stage Of Childhood
  • PlanToys Encourage Healthy Social Interaction Promote Natural Learning And Instill A Sense Of Wonder
  • PlanToys And Play Sets Have Real World Functionality Which Encourages Creative Play In A Positive Learning Environment
3 years + (small parts - choking hazard)
cardboard box - 18.8 x 6 x 18.8 cm  0.39 kg(7.4 x 2.3 x 7.4 in.   0.86 lbs)