BeginAgain Balance Boat – Endangered Animals

Learn about endangered animals while developing dexterity, patience and pretend play skills with the BeginAgain Balance Boat. Stack them as high as you can while balancing them atop the 6” x 12” wooden boat. These animals are perfect pocket pals, each of the 15 pieces in this play set is double-sided and one inch thick. 

15 endangered animals - black rhino, blue whale, African elephant, Jamaican iguana, chimpanzee, giant panda, ivory billed woodpecker, bamboo lemur, orangutan, Bengal tiger, mountain gorilla, sea turtle, pygmy hippo, California condor, African lion. 

Made from eco-friendly rubber wood with non-toxic, child-safe stains, the Balance Boat includes a 14" x 12" wood tray for storage and display.

Recommended Ages: 3yrs+