About Us

Knotty Toys on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

For the last 35 years Knotty Toys of Vancouver, BC has been selling the most complete collection of wooden toys for kids of all ages anywhere in Canada! Our wooden toy selection consists of wood puzzles and games and dollhouses, building blocks, model kits, percussion and musical instruments, as well as traditional rocking horses and wheeled toys.

We often hear our customers say "I remember these!" or "I didn't know these were still around!"

Well, they are, and we've got them.

In the late '70s, Rhonda and Ray Pummell, and Ray's dad, Jim, had an idea there was a niche market for handmade, traditional, wooden toys. They converted a garage into a workshop and started to design and produce a wide variety of wooden toys. At first, the toys were sold at craft fairs and in the Circle Craft Co-op store in Gastown and later at Granville Island.

Later, in 1984, they opened their own store in the Kids Market on Granville Island. Rhonda runs the store and finds all the other wonderful items that fill the shelves.

Come and check us out!